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Mozztronics ToneMeister TM-1

Mozztronics ToneMeister TM-1

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There are a few iconic valve guitar amps that we at Mozztronics adore. Apart from the british 800 series amps, and the AC30, one amp is a “59” model, and the other is a Tonemaster. We have combined the best of both of these into a solid state footswitchable pedal, which we have named the “Tonemeister” in honour of its parentage. Low gain drive is where this pedal excels.

To do full justice to the original amp, and to get the maximum in tone versatility we included the full 3 knob tone stack. A single tone control, wasn’t going to cut it with this pedal

GAIN controls the amount of gain from the first stage, BASS, MID and TREBLE are a classic 3 knob tone stack as found in the ’59 and Tonemaster amps. VOLUME adjusts the overall volume out of the pedal

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